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Mr Ed. Horse Penis Dildo  £49.99 

Here it is! The Mr Ed. Horse Penis dildo.

Ever fancied a guy that's hung like a horse? A horse is a horse of course, and what a whopper this dildo is! Mr Ed. is an anatomically correct horse penis which measures a huge 20 inches! With a thick, hungry 3 inch girth.

NB Here are Passion we are animal lovers, and we do not mean that in a literal sense. Please remember these are toys/novelties and we most certainly do not support sex with real animals!!!

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Sorry, Mr Ed. Horse Penis Dildo
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We can let you know when it is back in stock

If you'd like to order by phone, just quote product number 1593

What other people have to say about this product
mrs. timscott 11 Jul 2009
5 stars   
this thing is hot. as soon as it came i bent my man over and lubed his pussy and fucked him with my horse cock. took alot of lube but he got fucked. it helps if you squirt lube inside you first. this morning i put this in my strap-on harness and fucked my man hard. i cant believe he can take this. it makes my pussy dripping wet. thanks it is a great toy. not as good as a real horse cock. theres nothin like the feel of a horse cummin in your pussy or my mans pussy.
timscott 11 Jul 2009
5 stars   
This feels really good inside me. I've had real horse dick in my ass, and this feels the same, but w/o the huge load of hot cum runnin out my ass and down my legs, but it still pretty good. Now me and the wife dont have to sneak off to the horse stall down the road as much, just if we want our pussy's full of cum.
MYSTERY 01 Jul 2009
5 stars   
Passion Customer 28 Mar 2009
5 stars   
I have always wanted to try a horse Penis and maybe the real thing, under a controlled invironment so i guess this will do.......awsome Aussie Boi
Passion Customer 06 Dec 2008
4 stars   
Bought one for wife, at first she pretended it would not fit in, but she keeps going off to try it every couple of hours, and says it the best dick she has ever had in her, and shes had plenty
Horsecock lover 02 Mar 2008
5 stars   
it was most exciting thing I've ever done! But this dildoe was verrrrry GOOOOOOD: huge in girth & length to really go deep inside you. I loved all 20" inside my deep asshole! I have been a huge dildoe user for for over 25 years, and I've enjoyed every inch of my 46 dildoes that I have collected over the years. Thanks a MILLION!
Passion Customer 19 Feb 2008
5 stars   
This big beast was quite a pleasant surprise! Snuck it on the g/f and she can't get enough. When I told her what it was she decided she now wants the real deal:-D Now searching.......
Passion Customer 12 Oct 2007
5 stars   
it is so big it feels awsome made me cum like 100 times and it feels better thn normil penis i keeep it in me and walk arond with it in me and u cant notice feels awsome makes me quiver
Anal Abyss 30 Jun 2007
5 stars   
This is as close to heaven on earth as I will ever get! The massive size & length is plenty of probe for anyone! I love the gradually thickened shaft that is easy to get the tip in & the rest depends on you! I was amazed at how deep I managed to insert it without pain or discomfort! It is flexible enough to get deeply up your ass & rigid enough to respond to any pulling tugging pushing or shoving you do with it! I can cum within a minute if I want to! Some nights I like to see how many times I can cum! Usually I keep it anywhere from 7 to 14 inches deep in my ass while I stroke my throbbing cock nearly to climax & then relax so as not to cum! I do this for hours and when I finally cum ith this up my ass, I ejaculate like never before! Streams of gism like as if I was peeing shoot from my cock & the amount of gism is 3-4 times normal! I love MR ED!
Jade 13 May 2007
5 stars   
If You want to feel something... different, than try this. It is fantastic, when I feel it, and just penetrate deeper, and deeper. It is a little wide, so relax, and feeeeel :)
deadcow666 14 Mar 2007
4 stars   
ouch... my butt still hurts...
bear's chew toy 22 Jan 2007
5 stars   
my partner is 6'4 350 like big men, we get love role playin, I found this on the web and we ordered it to use in are role play, oh it was wonderfull, hard to suck on but it was fun to try and when he got in my ass oh what a ride!!!!
Passion Customer 20 Jan 2007
4 stars   
This thing is massive - take it slow and use plenty of lube! My wife enjoys using this one.
Shane(Bi) 11 Jan 2007
5 stars   
It is BIG... the knob itself was difficult to get up my ass, but once inside it stretched me wide open. I can take it up my ass all the way to the centre ridge!!!
Rick UK 04 Oct 2006
5 stars   
AWESOME! I bought one of these things a couple of weeks ago and it's truly mind-blowing. It took a few attempts and a lot of poppers but I can now take it all the way down to the ridge. fantastic! X
Susan Oklahoma 30 Sep 2006
5 stars   
I too, have always wanted to try a horse. Now I know I can take one in, at least nearly half way. My b/f really likes watching me play 'Horsefucker'
deshi 31 Jul 2006
5 stars   
now my guy is hung like a real horse.
Passion Customer 31 Jul 2006
5 stars   
wow great fealing when it goes in
Passion Customer 20 Jun 2006
5 stars   
just one didnt do it for me, had to spring for the 3-pack! -dan
Master Shake 20 Jun 2006
1 stars   
Sex with animals? There's no TIME, man!
Bearsnickles 03 Jun 2006
5 stars   
Really into horsey dicks, so might give this a try!
Big Jake 31 May 2006
5 stars   
this horse dick is a mad dildo, it is shaped like a horse and it's huge. I luv it
alize_uktv 15 Feb 2006
5 stars   
(biTV) this is a totally fab huge dildo, feel the fat head enter you then be slowly stretched as you glenty ride on this horsey.
Susan the student uk 01 Dec 2005
5 stars   
i luv this huge dildo so much! all the horse fun you could want without hoof marks on your back. giddy up boy!!
Ulrick Kuppelwieser 10 Nov 2005
5 stars   
It was soooo huge, I could hardly take it. I nearly choked, yaddles.
abicuriousmale 05 Aug 2005
5 stars   
My god its huge cant get it in me as its so thick!!! but love to suck it as i play with other things :)
chas peters 25 Jun 2005
4 stars   
I've tried this and it is good but the real thing is much better
paul hitzger 08 Jan 2005
5 stars   
(bi-white-male-27yrs-usa) I have always had a thing for horses so purchased this product and tried it. All i have to say is *wow*. it is certainly large and very filling - kind amakes me want to try the real thing even more. Very realistic and a lot of fun to play with if you are into horse cock replica's.
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